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Vonsen Blue Jade Earrings

Vonsen Blue Jade Earrings

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Exquisite Vonsen Blue Jade Earrings. These earrings are the finest quality Vonsen Jade available. We made many beads and these are the very best. Vonsen Blue Jade came from only one source near Petaluma California. The deposit and area surrounding is now all posted " No Trespassing" and milk goat herds occupy the area. I purchased a stash many years ago from a fellow that mined the deposit many years before that. This Vonsen Blue Jade comes in various shades of blue. The rough stones that came from this deposit are varying degrees of hardness. We only choose the very hardest portions to work into our jewelry.  These shades range from a very light pale blue to the deepest midnight blues. The stone is perfectly finished and polished with deep blue coloring throughout. These are simply the best Jade that this now closed Petaluma mine had to offer. The beautiful and unique wire work is fine sterling silver crafted into stylish woven accents. These are one of a kind earrings with impeccable workmanship as well as the finest material. Do you want a very special gift for that someone special? She will never see any of her friends wearing any earring like these! You can make her feel like a million dollars for the purchase price of less than $200. The metaphysical lore surrounding Blue Jades is very interesting. Blue Jade is associated with an internal peaceful harmony, the blue sky, the serene quieting of the mind, and the feeling of health flowing through the body. Since these will hang from the ears, it has been said the mind's response to the Blue Jade's metaphysical powers will be accentuated as they are  suspended near both sides of the thought center. So tradition says she will feel great in mind and body. She will also look great in these exclusive ear pieces.

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